At CQC, we believe “Physical health cannot be achieved in the absence of mental health”. When we face anxiety, depression or unhealthy shifts in our moods it can impact daily activities including the ability to maintain our overall well being. CQC physicians and providers are able to spend the necessary time needed to identify and address red flags which indicate that a patient may be suffering from a mental health condition. We also provide our patients with adequate time to discuss any issues that may be concerning.  We believe in a holistic approach to care and this is why we offer affordable sessions with licensed psychologists that provide support in creating new perspectives while empowering patients to take on the challenges ahead. Our doctoral level psychologists are practitioners that are also culturally and linguistically diverse. We also offer tele-health options, which allow for appointments in the privacy and the comfort of the home. Patients experience peace of mind knowing that we have psychologist as a part of the integral healthcare team which create a better experience in the coordination of care. We highly regard mental thoughts because the power to create and visualize a future is in the mind.

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