We believe that health is not just the absence of disease but it is achieving complete physical, mental and social well-being so that you can live a life that is fully expressed. We believe everyone deserves to be at their peak performance to live out their possibilities in life. At CQC we offer a complete hydration product that contains healthy fluids to give your body and mind the boost that it needs. Our InFusiV Hydration program allows you to feel more like yourself. We focus on hydration because we know it can be difficult to drink enough water daily. Our formulated IV Drips are the most efficient way of delivering the healthy fluids that your body needs to maintain its peak performance.

Whether you are an athlete, a student, a business owner, a manager or someone who depends on being in optimal health to get your job done, don’t allow dehydration to slow you down.  Our formulated drips maintain a well hydrated body and mind to ensure patients are their best while focusing on their craft. The InFusiV hydration program at CQC is available to all members at an affordable price. 

Please call our office today to schedule your first IV INFusiV hydration therapy, and get the experience that will optimize your life.

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