Direct Primary Care at CQC offers people an opportunity to achieve their personal health goals in the most cost effective way possible, which allows for a better quality of life!

Our members have office visits with no copay. At their appointments, they spend the time they need with their physicians or healthcare provider without feeling rushed. They get all their questions answered and leave their appointments feeling like they were listened to and are empowered to play a lead role in their own health. Our members have direct access to their physicians and providers where they can text and call them when they have questions or any concerns about their health. Subsequently, our members have reduced emergency room and urgent care visits and instead experience better coordination of their healthcare services.

Our members also receive a more holistic approach to their chronic disease management. They would receive education about preventative measures and lifestyle changes which has a positive impact on their health. Our members have an option to receive numerous alternative and wellness services such as functional medicine where we heal the body with food, infusive hydration therapy where we improve your immune system and performance and not to mention our evidence based medical marijuana certification program for qualified diseases. Moreover, at CQC we believe that there is no physical health without mental health and therefore we also offer affordable behavioral health services with some of the most qualified psychologists who are culturally and linguistically diverse.

Our members get wholesale prices on antibiotics and other medications for chronic diseases such as  Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Asthma. Members get laboratory and radiology tests performed at a low cost with available convenient payment options given to them.

Ultimately, we do this with the utmost compassion for you, where you will come to experience the humanity in the healthcare you receive.

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