Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NO​. Your DPC membership allows you to access all the primary and preventative services in the office. Your membership can help you cover almost 90% of all your healthcare needs. You will need your insurance for hospitalization, specialty care and catastrophic events.

YES​. Your DPC membership gives you access to low cost generic medications that are conveniently dispensed in the office.

YES​. You are able to text or call your doctor for a phone consultation. Your provider can prescribe medications for you over the phone and you can pick them up at the nearest pharmacy.

Notify your physician directly via text messaging or a phone call. We will be available to answer any questions during your hospitalization. More over, we are able to coordinate your care after being discharged from the hospital. 

Your provider will collaborate with you extensively in identifying a specialist of your choice. We will advocate for you to experience the highest quality of care and the most cost saving options. We also offer our extensivist  program. This is where you get high-level care coordination and your physician will serve as an intermediary between your specialists, pharmacists, surgeons and hospitals. We offer an E-consultation that allows your physician to address your specialty care needs timely and efficient.

YES​. The family plans help you save money on your membership. Please call and ask to speak to one of our staff members for more details.

NO, Anyone can join our membership program. We offer an onsite Civil Surgeon who performs immigration exams for those who need it.

YES​. Call our office and learn about our affiliate programs where you can enroll any of your family members that live in a different country into a membership healthcare program similar to yours.

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