About Direct Primary Care

Bringing access, affordability and quality to your healthcare experience.

We believe that the best primary care is quality care, that is both affordable and personal. As a Direct Primary Care provider, we focus on you and your health by providing you direct access to your health needs.

Your Choice

Choose your own personal physician and be an active partner in your healthcare. You are fully involved in making your own medical and financial choices. You have the right to transparent pricing, access and availability of all services provided.

No Copays & Deductibles

Introducing no fee-for-service! Direct Primary Care replaces this model with a simple flat monthly fee that covers unlimited comprehensive primary care services. This allows your doctor to focus solely on your health. Plans start as low as $35 a month!

Quality Service

Spend adequate time with your doctor and build a relationship you trust. Direct Primary Care enables unhurried appointment with your doctor and focuses on keeping you away from urgent care and living a proactive, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Coupet’s Program works for me. What I appreciate most is the cost. You can break down what you are saving. I had a platinum plan with United Healthcare I was able to make adjustments to my insurance plan, join the DPC program and realize serious savings. Finally writing it down, I was able to realize exactly how much I’ve saved. I’ve had a few bad experiences with radiology tests for my dad, after adding him to my membership plan with CQC everything was seamless. 

For others, I think the problem is wanting to stick to traditional insurance coverage, people are scared of change. I understand the importance of a relationships with your provider and transparency about health.

Dawn Burke

Direct Primary Care VS. Concierge Medicince

You Have Questions.     We Have Answers.

Still not sure about Direct Primary Care? Here are some frequently asked questions that our patients ask and what we tell them.

Does Direct Primary Care (DPC) replace my current health insurance?
NO​. Your DPC membership allows you to take care of 90% of all your healthcare needs in a more cost effective way while your insurance is used for hospitalization and other catastrophic events.
Can I use my health insurance with DPC? How does my health insurance work?

YES​. We accept Cigna, Best Choice, Medicare(No HMO), Medicaid (No HMO), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and others – please check with our office. Your health insurance does not pay your DCP membership costs but it can be used for specialty and hospitalization services and care.

Does DPC help me save money on my medications?
YES​. Your DPC membership gives you access to low cost generic medications that are conveniently dispensed in the office.
Does DPC help if I get sick while I am out of town?
YES​. You are able to text or call your doctor for a phone consultation. Your provider can prescribe medications for you over the phone and you can pick them up at the nearest pharmacy.
Does my DPC help if I am admitted to the hospital /or need to have surgery?
YES​. You are able to text your provider if you are heading to the hospital and your provider will be available to answer any questions around your hospitalization and more importantly coordinate your care after being discharged from the hospital. Your provider can also collaborate with you extensively in identifying a surgeon and advocating for a high quality and cost saving option.
Does DPC help if I need to see a specialist?
YES​. Your provider will collaborate with you extensively in identifying a specialist and advocating for a high quality and cost saving option. We also offer our extensivist model that will allow you to get high-level care coordination and speciality level care by your DPC provider who will serve as an intermediary between your specialists and pharmacists. Our e-consult platform would allow your provider to address your specialty needs timely and efficient.
Does DPC help if I get pregnant?
YES​. Your provider will collaborate with you in identifying an OBGYN specialist, and will work closely with your OBGYN in case we can provide more cost saving tests or medications.
Does DPC have a family discount plan?
YES​. The family plans help you save money on your membership. Please see our detailed price sheet on our brochure and ask one of our staff members for more details.
Do I need to be a U.S. citizen or resident to purchase DPC?
NO. Your provider also does immigration exams and can be a support to you while in the US.