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Chronic Disease Management

Let us manage your Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, COPD, Asthma, chronic Kidney Disease, Arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Disease Management

Disease management is an approach to healthcare that teaches patients how to manage a chronic disease. At Coupet Quality Clinic, our patients learn to take responsibility for understanding how to care for themselves. Patients will learn to avoid potential problems and exacerbation, or worsening, of their health problem.

Preventative Healthcare

Staying healthy and living a long and quality life starts with preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare can help you avoid illness and detect problems before you notice any symptoms – helping you stay healthy. At Coupet Quality Clinic, being proactive about your health, is our priority.

Affordable Lab Tests

Routine blood tests are used to assess a person’s general health. This can help prevent future serious health conditions.

Affordable Radiology

Common imaging tests can help your doctor view the inside of your body and diagnose your concerns.

Extensivist Medicine

We provide high level care coordination for our post-hospitalized patients, enhanced medication reconciliation, coordinate specialty care and services, assist with palliative medicine, provide e-consultation with specialists and assist individuals who are medically high-risk.

On-site Pharmacy

Reduce prescription drug costs and time with our convenient in-office dispensing.


Reducing readmission to hospitals and get the answers you need for your condition in a timely and efficient manner.

Medication Management

A chance to learn about how best to take your medications and their potential side effects. We at Coupet Quality Clinic take your health seriously and we take the time in the office to prevent medication errors, overdosing and to avoid poly-pharmacy.

Behavioral & Mental Health

Culturally tailored and confidential mental health services for families and young adults. We provide Educational Seminars (Domestic violence, etc.), group therapy, and individual consultations.

Psychological Services

Our licensed Psychologists provide coping skills to our life experiences. Culturally tailored therapy that deals with trauma, general stress, depression, anxiety, relationship counseling, acculturative stress issues, LGBTQ issues, career counseling, self-esteem, grief, schizophrenia, eating disorders and bipolar disorder. We also provide referrals for Psychiatric services.

Alternative & Wellness

We provide functional medicine (diet approach to disease management), evidence-based THC services, CBD oils, vitamins and massage therapy.

Medical Marijuana Certification

Medical Marijuana is cannabis and cannabinoids certified by physicians for their patients. Certification exams completed by physicians are required for Florida Medical Marijuana Certifications.

Women’s and Men’s Health

At Coupet Quality Clinic we take a lot of pride in keeping people healthy and meeting their particular goals in their fitness and wellness.

PAP Smear and Mammograms

We screen for Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer in order to provide prevention and early detection. In addition, we screen for STIs and provide treatment for all members as needed.

Prostate Cancer Screening

We perform digital Prostate exams as well as PSA testing for prevention and early detection.

Testosterone Testing and Management

We are aware of the debilitating effects of low testosterone and we provide testing as well as treatment.

Weight Loss

Maintenance weight loss program, medicine management, referrals for medical and surgical weight-loss interventions.

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