When you think about seeing a doctor, what comes to mind? Most likely either a middle-of-the-night visit to the emergency room or an office appointment so far in the future that you’ll probably forget about it by the time it rolls around.

What if you found out there is another option?

Extensivist medicine is a relatively new approach to medical care that revolutionizes the way patients are seen and treated.

What is Extensivist Medicine?


 Extensivist medicine is designed specifically for high-risk patients—those suffering from multiple chronic illnesses, long-term impairments, or multiple complex issues. These patients’ need for care extends beyond the period of their hospital stay.

This extra care includes home visits by a doctor or longer office visits after hospital discharge to ease the transition from hospital to home; coordination of ongoing care by scheduling frequent exams and treatments and liaising with pharmacists and specific specialists.

Extensivists (physicians and nurse practitioners who practice extensivist medicine) do not replace your traditional primary care physicians; they complement them. Think of an extensivists as one more person on your side to help navigate the complexities and unknowns that come with illness, injury, and healthcare.

The Best Part

Extensivist medicine not only provides specialized care, it also offers a way to make reductions in three of the most significant areas of a patient’s care.

Cost: Lower re-admission rates after discharge mean fewer hospital bills. One estimate by global management consulting company Oliver Wyman stated that extensivists could save 6% of healthcare spending in the U.S. if they become fully integrated with primary care medicine and we suspect we can save more If your Extensivist is part of a Direct Primary Care model.

Time: In-home visits or direct contact with your doctor mean concerns may be addressed in a more timely manner, without having to schedule an appointment or call 911 for an emergency room visit.

Risk: Patients who might otherwise wait too long to contact a doctor are able to receive comfortable treatment or diagnoses before problems escalate.

Bottom Line


 Extensivist care is comprehensive, coordinated, and customized for those who really need it. If you have been struggling with multiple chronic illnesses, a long-term surgery recovery, or have multiple complex issues, this could be the treatment methodology you have been searching for.

Moving Forward


 A quick online search for extensivist medicine practitioners will help you find a nearby provider that offers this service.

If you’re in the Fort Lauderdale/North Lauderdale/Pompano Beach area and are looking for a direct primary care clinic, contact us at Coupet Quality Clinic. We’re excited to be incorporating extensivist medicine into our practice and can help get you started with a program that best suits your needs.

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