Message from our Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Dr. Coupet

Exciting News!

It is often said that there is no health without mental health and at CQC we believe that your medical care should be provided in a holistic fashion and must include mental health. The link between the mind and body is clear and our approach reflects that.  The addition of behavioral health completes our integrated community health model and combines all of our service lines; Primary & Preventative care, chronic disease management, and Behavioral Health Services and Wellness under one umbrella.


Dr. Nicolas .                        Dr. Sainvil

I would like to formally introduce both Dr. Nicolas and Dr. Sainvil who are going to lead our behavioral health service line. Dr. Nicolas is serving as the Director of our Behavioral Health program and brings over 30 years of extensive expertise in programing and will guide the delivery of culturally sensitive behavioral health services to our community. Dr. Sainvil has an extraordinary background in working with culturally diverse populations and she will join Dr. Nicolas in the delivery of behavioral health services to all of our members. Together they will provide a culturally tailored therapy that deals with trauma, general stress, depression, anxiety, relationship counseling, acculturative stress issues, LGBTQ issues, career counseling, self-esteem, grief, schizophrenia, eating disorders and bipolar disorder, etc..

Please help me welcome Dr. Nicolas and Dr. Sainvil to our practice!